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Server Rules
« on: February 03, 2011, 07:49:59 pm »
These are just guidelines, there is not a full rules list because there would be too many to list.
Use these guidelines and your common sense and you should be able to play the game without
suffering from a very long ban.

1.Do not say anything unnecessary, stupid or irrelavant in OOC.

2.Type properly and use correct grammar at all times to keep it professional and realistic.

3.When taking an item, you must first attempt to take it using the action command.
If nobody in your proximity counter-roleplays to prevent you from taking it, then you may
continue to pick the item up.

4.If somebody breaks a rule it does not take seven of you to tell them, if one person
tells them to go and read the guidelines, you do not need to back them up.

5.Do not constantly search for items, the chances are you will find none.
Roleplay is not focused on items, but character development. There are not specific times that
items will be dropped for you to scavenge, and there is not a specific interval either.
Items are dropped when they are dropped, if we feel there is enough in circulation, then we
will not drop any for a long time.

6. It is not your duty to become a vigilante, if somebody tries to prop-kill you or
something similiar, you should disconnect and report it to an administrator. Trying to kill
them yourself will only result in you being banned.

7.Do not kill another character without a good reason, and you must be able to prove
to an administrator that you had a valid reason.

8.When your character is killed, you must follow the 'new life rule', that being you
forget twenty four hours prior to your death.

9.Never take revenge on somebody that killed you, or randomly killed you, report them

10. If you want to contact one person directly, do not use OOC, use the personal message
command instead.

11. The roleplay environment is survival based, not 'faction' based, so creating huge armies
or 'factions' is disallowed. You are allowed to create small tent villages but not huge bases.

12.You should constantly be roleplaying the survival factor, that means you can't just walk
from one end of the wasteland to the other with no water and energy. Believe it or not your character
is actually human and does have basic needs like thirst and hunger.

13.When within range to perform an action, you must attempt or perform attacking another character
whether it's via a melee or ranged weapon. This only applies if you are within the range for the other
character to see the action.

14.Do not powergame, this means you cannot force an action that other characters must abide
by. Whether it's attacking a character, picking up an item, or tying a character up you must always attempt to do

15.The roll command is not to be used to settle powergaming, that must be settled out-of-character. The roll
command is purely for gambling and other in-character situations.

16.If a character performs a valid action such as disarming your character and it is genuinly impossible
for your character to do some matrix-move to prevent them, you must abide by it. It is only a weapon after all and
survival is much more important in this environment.

17.If for example you are about to execute a character and that character's friend shoots you from a distance
without being in range to perform an action, then that is valid and you must not complain about the kill being random.

18. Do not attempt to kill another character by using props, we have sufficient protection to prevent you from
doing so, but if you do manage it we do have logs and it will result in a permanent ban.

19.Your physical description must be in full English. Valid examples are displayed in green, and invalid
examples are displayed in red. See below for the examples.

A black man with a beanie hat on.

A sixteen year old white female with brown hair.



20.You need to roleplay fear. Fear is a basic human emotion, if you are outnumbered and are being threatened
to give up a posession, your character should (as almost any human would) show fear and give in to their demands. Unless
you have a valid reason not to.

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